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GBPay LLC processing company, along with several banks owned by GBPay LLC, forms the functional core of GBPay International Payment System.

GBPay LLC is the exclusive titleholder of GBPay™ trademark. It also holds exclusive title to issue and acquire branded plastic cards in the GBPay payment system: GBPay Black Priority Pass multicurrency card, ruble cards and cards in other national currencies.

Banks operating within the GBPay International Payment System issue cards and provide full range of acquiring services for GBPay Black Priority Pass branded plastic cards.

GBPay LLC also executes Licensing Agreements with partner banks to issue and acquire GBPay plastic cards.

Issuing partner banks are banks that issue and manage GBPay plastic cards: multicurrency card, ruble card and cards in other national currencies.

Acquiring partner banks set up plastic card service points (POS terminals, ATMs) and provide the full range of financial services required to effect transfers and payments using GBPay cards at the service points.

As per the contract terms, partner banks can act as issuing partners or acquiring partners for GBPay plastic cards, or perform both functions at the same time.

Financial transactions are secured by SPC GBP (Security of Payments on Cards by Geo Block Payments System) – a unique system that consists of ten communication lines with end-to-end encryption.



FEES for the services provided by GBPay to partner banks, retail and service outlets, and other financial institutions:

Service Fee
1 License Agreement for the right to issue GBPay plastic cards. 100,000 copies 50.000 Euro
2 Connection and annual maintenance of the financial security system SPC GBP 12.000 Euro
3 The reserve fund is not reduced daily balance of any connected to the system GBPay Bank from 500.000 Euro *
4 Use of the GBPay logo by the issuing bank. On the value of issued GBPay cards 5.00 %
5 Commission fees for the use of acquiring 0.8 %
6 Commission on the turnover of payments when transferring funds from settlement accounts to settlement accounts of partner banks within the GBPay system 0.01 %
7 Commission of partner banks for transfers from a GBPay card to a GBPay card using the GBPay payment platform 0.01 %
8 Fee for cash withdrawal at ATMs of partner banks with GBPay cards 0.30 %
9 Issue of cobding cards with GBPay logos and the logo of another payment system under the Agreement. The circulation of 100,000 pieces. Cost in rubles (or equivalent in national currency) 13.000 Euro
10 Cobranding bank cards for enterprises. Issue - 100,000 pieces 8.000 Euro

*) The reserve fund of the non-declining balance is established for each bank separately in accordance with the number of bank customers.